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The Best In Trade Awards

At Onlinetradesmen we are delighted to recognise the truly great businesses that supply & support Irish tradespeople across Ireland everyday - and who better to ask about which suppliers are the greatest? Only the 25,000+ registered tradesmen, builders and tradespeople across Ireland on our service. The Onlinetradesmen Best In Trade Awards are the only truly independent awards, as voted by the Irish trade.

In addition to recognising the greatest suppliers to the Trade - - These awards provide Tradespeople with the best suppliers to deal with across Ireland. As voted for by the trade.

The Best Insurance Companies 2024

The Best Insurance Companies 2024

Your trade is more than just a job—it demonstrates your skill, dedication, and hours invested in perfecting your craft. Experienced tradespeople understand that despite their expertise, unexpected hazards can arise.

The right insurance is crucial, safeguarding your business and hard work. Yet, in a competitive market, locating an insurer who not only shields but also understands the specific aspects of your trade can be daunting.


Unveiling the Best Insurance Companies for Trades: Insights from Irish Tradespeople

After compiling data from over 900 responses nationwide from Irish tradespeople, we are excited to unveil the top insurance companies for trades based on the Onlinetradesmen survey.

This survey delved into various aspects such as value for money, customer service, coverage, flexibility, and discounts offered by different insurance providers.

Here are the results:

Winner Insurance Company

Best-in-Trade Winner: Allianz

With a solid five-star rating overall, Allianz stands out as a major player in the insurance industry. People from various professions appreciate Allianz for:

  • Great Value: Offering strong options that not only suit your budget, but enhance it.
  • Excellent Customer Service: A dependable support system that's there when you need them.
  • Extensive Coverage: Ensuring you're not just insured, but well-protected.
  • Flexible Terms: Adjusting coverage to meet your changing needs.
  • Cost Savings: Loyalty rewards and cost-saving measures to keep your wallet happy.

It's rare to find an insurance company that receives such high praise across the board. Allianz's user-friendly approach to crafting tradesperson policies sets a standard that others can aspire to.

A Builder on Allianz: "I have used them as my insurance provider for a long time and they always came in with a good price"

Runner-Up Insurance Company

Best-In-Trade Runner-Up: AXA

Coming in second, AXA is a dependable option for tradespeople. With a firm approach and strong ratings, AXA demonstrates its reliability through:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Policies tailored to the specific risks of different trades.
  • Flexible Options: Customised provisions that adjust to your business needs.
  • Cost Savings: Strategic discounts to make risk management more accessible.
  • Customer Service: Support that shines during coverage challenges.

An Electrician on AXA: "Axa were the cheapest and easiest to insure my van"

Highly Commended Insurance Company

Best-In-Trade Highly Commended: Kelleher

For tradespeople to ensure their roadworthiness and more, turn to Kelleher Insurance. They excel in:

  • Commercial Vehicle Coverage: Protecting the wheels that drive your business.
  • Carpenter Confidence: A top choice for woodworkers with strong recommendations.
  • User-Friendly Union: A hassle-free experience, from quotes to claims.

A Carpenter on Kelleher: "I couldn't be happier with the service and coverage from Kelleher Insurance."

Insights for Tradesmen on Tailored Insurance

Filling the Insurance Gaps for Builders

Builders and construction professionals often deal with various insurance types, from liability to vehicle coverage. To simplify this, it's crucial to have an insurer that offers a range of tailored coverages to meet individual needs.

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