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The 4-Day Week: How Onlinetradesmen is Helping Trade Pros Work Smarter, Not Harder!
Kelly Ohlmus

The 4-Day Week: How Onlinetradesmen is Helping Trade Pros Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Discover how Onlinetradesmen's Everything App can help you achieve a 4-day workweek. Reduce travel time and save time communicating with clients with our comprehensive suite of business tools and services.

Are you a Trade Pro fed up with feeling like you can never get ahead or take a break from work, no matter how hard you hustle? It's an unfortunate but common reality in a tradespersons world - endless working hours and not enough downtime to recharge.

But what if we told you there was an easy way for you to achieve that elusive 4-day week without compromising on income? With Onlinetradesmen, it is possible!


Onlinetradesmen: The easiest way to a 4-day week!

Onlinetradesmen’s Everything App helps trade pros better manage their businesses. Members receive a comprehensive suite of business tools and services which connects them to local customers, quickly generate quotes and invoices, receive payments, and much more. The Everything App makes it a breeze for trade pros to stay organised and efficient while running their businesses, reducing time spent managing day-to-day operations.

Let's chat about the ways Onlinetradesmen can help you achieve a 4-day week so you can start improving your work-life balance.


Reduce Travel Time

As a trade pro, travel time can eat up a huge chunk of your day. But imagine a world where you could cut back on travel and connect with your customers more efficiently!

The Everything App makes it easy for qualified trade professionals to find local clients actively seeking professional services. Whether you're planning your workload for the next six months or need to fill gaps due to last-minute cancellations, we'll match you with locals in need of what you offer- saving you valuable time.


Save Time Communicating With Clients

Your time is precious, and you want to maximise it by getting on the tools quickly as possible. That's where The Everything App’s Video Site Survey platform and Job Post Photos come in handy.

With the Everything App, you can connect with new customers without ever leaving your home or office. No more wasted trips or lost time in traffic. Plus, viewing photos of the job before you arrive will give you a better idea of what tools and equipment you'll need to bring.


Reduce Time Spent On Paperwork

Nobody likes doing paperwork - sending and following up on sales quotes is a chore that eats into your personal time. Not anymore - with the Everything App you can send sales quotes in seconds, from your phone or PC - and easily convert them into invoices when you win the work! Beyond simplifying your sales process, the Everything App offers a snapshot of your business finances, including revenue and outstanding payments. Data can be quickly exported and shared with your accountant, saving time on end-of-year accounts.


No More Chasing Outstanding Payments: Get Paid Faster

No one likes chasing money outstanding! But Onlinetradesmen makes it easy to get paid, without having to follow up with clients or wait weeks for a bank transfer. Our quoting and invoicing tool makes it easy to set up automated payment reminders and streamline the way you handle collections.

For larger jobs, you can remove payment uncertainty with our fee-free escrow service and our secure payment gateway enables you to easily take payments online. No more waiting around for payments - get paid faster and reclaim your time.


Improve Profits With Onlinetradesmen

Imagine working less while earning more. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, with The Everything App, this dream can become a reality.

We're highly selective with who we allow on to the service, which means you won't have to waste time competing with cowboys on pricing. Not only that, trade pros save thousands marketing their business with a free business website and discounts on tools, fuel, insurance, and so much more. With these benefits, you can increase your profits while still achieving a 4-day week.


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So there you have it - an easy way for Trade Pros like you to start working less and earning more! With Onlinetradesmen’s Everything App getting more out of your working week is simple. Say goodbye to long hours, stressful commutes and tedious paperwork and hello to a 4-day week! Get started today by signing up or scheduling a call with our team and see the difference it can make for you.

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