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Work a Four-Day Week! See How This Trade Pro Improved Productivity & Well-Being
Kelly Ohlmus

Work a Four-Day Week! See How This Trade Pro Improved Productivity & Well-Being

Discover how Onlinetradesmen can help you achieve a 4-day workweek by reducing working hours, streamlining administrative tasks, and boosting referral business. Say goodbye to long hours and financial stress while delivering quality work and generating revenue.

Trade Pros often work long and demanding hours to make ends meet. However, what if we told you that it is possible to achieve a 4-day workweek while still earning the same pay and benefits? At Onlinetradesmen, we are committed to helping tradespeople reduce their working hours and improve their quality of life. Here we explore how the Everything App can help tradespeople achieve a better work-life balance.


Paul's Problem

Paul O'Reilly owns a building and carpentry business, where he juggles client management, job scheduling, organising suppliers, and outside commitments. However, he was struggling to escape the cycle of long working hours and the financial stress that comes with subcontracting and chasing payments. With his work hours often exceeding more than 60 hours a week, it seemed like there was no relief in sight.

Paul dreamed of having more time for his family and hobbies, but he didn't know how to achieve this while still managing his business and earning enough to support his family.


Solutions Considered

Paul considered several solutions to reduce his working hours, including hiring additional staff, reducing his service area, and increasing his prices. However, these solutions presented their own set of challenges, including additional expenses and the risk of losing customers.


Identifying Onlinetradesmen as the Solution

While chatting on-site with an electrician, who happens to be a member of Onlinetradesmen, Paul learned about the Everything App. This all-in-one platform is specifically designed for tradespeople to generate quotes, and invoices, and also receive payments. Additionally, it proves beneficial for sales, marketing and winning local jobs, without any lead fees or commissions

Although Paul had heard of Onlinetradesmen he wasn't aware of their potential to reduce administrative time and boost his referral business, locally. However, intrigued by the idea, he approached Onlinetradesmen to know more about how they could significantly enhance his business.



The Benefits of Onlinetradesmen

After signing up with Onlinetradesmen, Paul started getting local job alerts tailored to his preferences. No more travelling long distances; or responding to work that didn't suit him. Plus, with Onlinetradesmen's verified platform, Paul didn't have to worry about competing on price to win work. He can focus on his bottom line while delivering quality work.

Paul also found out that he could reduce labour-intensive admin tasks such as creating quotes and invoices, tracking payments status and more.

Through the Everything App, Paul can directly receive payments from his customers with ease. The Escrow platform has become an invaluable tool for Paul when sub-contracting. Now he can start projects confidently, knowing that his clients have the necessary funds to pay him. No more awkward conversations about how and when he'll get paid. Escrow ensures the complete safety and promptness of financial transactions, leaving Paul to focus on his work with complete confidence.

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Onlinetradesmen: The Ultimate Solution for Tradespeople to Manage Work-Life Balance

For tradespeople like Paul, looking for a way to reduce their working hours without sacrificing their pay and benefits, Onlinetradesmen's Everything App is the solution.

By automating tedious admin tasks and providing secure payment assurance, it helps reduce the hours spent on business and marketing activities - while still allowing Paul to deliver quality work and generate revenue. With our platform, you can have the time to enjoy life with your family and friends while still running a successful business.

Join us today or schedule a call with our team to start taking control of your work-life balance like a boss!

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