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All Builders to Register with CIRI Starting 2023

All Builders to Register with CIRI Starting 2023

Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) will be a legal requirement for all builders and many trades by 2024.

Established in 2014, the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) is an online register of competent trade professionals who carry out construction across Ireland.

In 2022, a bill was passed into law by the Irish Government for builders and building contractors to be registered with the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) starting in 2023 and a statutory requirement from early 2025.


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The legislation aims to benefit consumers and the public by giving those who engage a registered CIRI builder or contractor the assurance that they are dealing with a competent and compliant operator.

In order to be eligible for registration, a builder must meet certain standards set by the CIF, including:

  • Health and Safety: The builder must demonstrate compliance with health and safety regulations and have a safety statement in place.
  • Insurance: The builder must have liability insurance and be able to provide proof of insurance.
  • Quality Control: The builder must have a quality control system in place and demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and experience to deliver a quality service.
  • Financial: The builder must provide a declaration of solvency and be able to provide financial statements for the previous year.
  • Compliance: The builder must be compliant with relevant legislation, including tax and employment law.

The application process involves completing an application form and submitting relevant documentation, such as insurance certificates and financial statements.

Registration for builders as a legal requirement has commenced and will be a legal requirement for all trades by 2024.

For more information, or to apply, visit CIRI. Employees of building firms will not be required to apply, but sole traders will.


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