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Ratings vs Word-of-Mouth Marketing – Which one is better for tradesmen?
Kelly Ohlmus

Ratings vs Word-of-Mouth Marketing – Which one is better for tradesmen?

Word of mouth and service ratings are more reliable alternatives to generating business than advertising, but which one is more effective?

Both word-of-mouth and online ratings can be valuable for trade pros, as they provide potential customers with information about the quality of your work.

Word-of-mouth can be especially valuable for trade pros because it is a form of personal recommendation. If someone you trust tells you they had a good experience with a particular tradesman, you are more likely to believe that the business will also do a good job for you. Additionally, people are more likely to trust and act on recommendations from people they personally know.

However, research has shown that even if a customer receives a recommendation from a friend or family, the first thing they will do is search online and see what other people are saying about that business.


In 2022, Digital Business Ireland highlighted that more than a third of Irish consumers use independent online customer reviews before hiring.


So, when it comes to reaching a wider audience and making it easier for homeowners to hire you, an online presence with online ratings is also valuable to a tradesman's business to assist in building up a reputation and attracting new customers.

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In a perfect scenario, a trade professional will have a good reputation through word-of-mouth referrals and a high rating on online platforms. Having both will increase the chances of attracting new customers and building a successful business.

So, it's not a matter of which one is better, as both have advantages and complement each other. Trade professionals who focus on providing high-quality work and excellent customer service will enjoy both positive word-of-mouth and online ratings, helping potential customers make hiring decisions faster with greater confidence.


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